Do not sweat the Technique!

Yesterdays news are always told better the next day – especially at the office with the tea cup in the hand and the cookie in the other. 

Ralph Myerz and The Ralph Myrez Jack Herren Band – A Special Album graphics.

Especially better when you know that you happen to be the center of the attention, and you know you are the coolest without being the coolest. You play it down with asking everybody out for a after work beer that leads to more. It all lands down to an entire night out to end at home. At home you play your favorite tunes at the vinyl player – and suddenly in the middle of a sweaty dance move everything goes out of hand.

You spill your beer over the vinyl player that happens to be a Technics!

What to do?

You just have to save approximately $4000 just for the spick and span new back in business, Technics SL1200G.


That is a pretty steep figure for a new one, but it will have to be put in  because the vinyl deserves the best of the best. It will be the punishment for you having the time of your life when having the night out with you co workers. So do not sweat the technique!



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