You are in the place to be!

Do you go out often? Do you sit at home with your cats and knitting set? Or do you have the plants dead at hand due to the obvious reason:

You are a party head that stoves a sleeping bag in a near by garbage bin because the obvious reason of going home are pointless.

The simple, but yet complex truth behind you want to become that party head:

  • You meet friends.
  • You have the option to listen to music with a better sound system.
  • You are with peoples with the same interest at hand.
  • You get a fridge filled up with beverages, only down side here is that you need to buy from it.
  • You get a body that are fit due to the never stop dancing marathon.
  • You have a bigger venue to play in than the one back at home.
  • There are room for romance, and you will with 100 percentage meet the one. If not there are only one reason that’s explanatory: You are not the marrying kind.
  • There are no one to tell you to go to bed just the security guards at the end of the party that will kick you out. Well the venue will need a clear up sometimes.
  • You learn more from your self being at the party instead of not being at it.
  • You gain at better life endurance just because you get good memories at hand.
  • Your psychical health improves because you interact with peoples, this can aim in a negative or positive direction – mostly in the highest positive direction.
  • You are never alone.
  • You are in the place to be!




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