Once a memory lane kicks in there is no way back to step out of that lane. Just to play along that one here is my top three mixes and tracks of 2010. The first one dates back to the day that I truly stepped into the House, and never left.

Christian Sol – made a mix that have entitled it self as the terrorizing on repeat mix. It is no brainer when the actual LIVE performance comes first – and the mix after. That mix have still have not become forgotten – five years after it was released. It is just because it have the mark of being made to perfection. Do not ask me, ask the DJ about how he did it.

Later on the same year I found a mix that are a killer brigade mix, that certainly gave me a deeper touch of what this music was a all about. The mix gave me a sense of what techno I like – and this is so fluent and so harsh at the same time. It keeps evolving for about three hours or so. It might have some recording errors but that does not count in, because the whole of it is so very good.

Paris is called during that year – and it sure made the trick last year. If there is a track that are so entirely that fault stil – is this track. It progresses the mind to think Paris is calling. Sollium the maker of the track have never got a fame around it – but that needs to be thought otherwise still. So bark on it and buy it on Beatport!

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