Atli Kanill

Sometimes friendships gives you an another passageway to other destinations, terrains or artists for that matter. Today I got over a friend of friend that delivers a good vareity of music – and it brings so much joy for a person that loves to explore and find news. It feels like opened a new chapter – and it gives me a serenity beyond boarders. In this case I give you the same pleasure like I got by sharing it!

Here is Atli Kanill – a radiohost at FM Xtra 101.F! Atli Kanill medium have been in the music since 2002 – and from there he have escalated to become resident at Kaffibarinn, Faktory, Harlem and Hemmi & Valdi pubclubs in Reykjavik. Atli Kanill have been playing in almost all the crooks in Reykjavik, Iceland and other stop overs elsewhere. He cofounded the Kanill Dj Collective – who are rumored to be icelands most danceable clubnights. In the stall they have had geniuses such as Francesca Lombardo, Tim Green, Laura Jones and Gavin Herlihy.

This is enough for me to explore furter on, what about you?  


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