Sometimes it is easier to let the ones in charge say exactly what they want to say! With this in mind our feelings are not in conflict in what it is in the message. 

We at GOYO Records are proud to present Gab/B’s first release on our label, the two track EP Alma, written and produced by Gab/B himself.

Gab/B is a Chilean producer and DJ based in Oslo, Norway writing and performing his own music. He describes it as “future house” and “dub beats”.
And whilst his base is Scandinavia he claims his music was formed in the dark and secluded rooms of South American clubs. He also sees himself as something of a lone wolf on the Oslo underground scene.
He became associated with GOYO after performing regularly at club nights in and around the Norwegian capital and getting good responses from the public.
GOYO (Go On Your Own) is an artist’s and musician’s collective based in Oslo. We are releasing music made by musicians associated with our collective, with a focus on underground electronic music and jazz.



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