Effects and defected happenings in Oslo.

It started out with Roman Flügel that kicked this baby called HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA alive again! Just because there haven’t existed any energy and brain power to update it more often. So it must be a from now on pulled in a Roman Flügel to all other that plays good music effect pulled off once in a while.  Also there are more than happy outcome that he put away thoughts about a disturbingly bad economic situation, guess a disturbance in that field happened. 

During that day there were merely other disturbingly situations happening such as Seeds Oslo got shut down – which is incident that should not occurred! A place that I have not frequented often, but  every time the evenings spent there have turned out great! Since this was a governmental decision to shut this place the message is clear; 

Stop putting the underground resistance lower beyond the ground because the movement do not want to be owned anymore by the corporate and our souls needs to be freed from the it!

One other happening happened was that there were an anniversary going on – and one that should really been experienced by everyone and with me included. What that happening were all about was the one year celebration of the radio show Pils og Plater. One HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA vouched radio show to slouch in a good couch and pop a  good beer to pump up the mood for the evening out!. Today will this go on air and it is the perfect pleaser for hitting BLÅ there Terrence Parker (US) will be playing! 

Hope Terrence Parker gives an another effect to get boosted towards to pull HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA to the maximum again! 



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