Outburst of TODAY: Slam (Soma).


Before HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA was born there was a shifting research in finding music and how it sounded in quality. Yesterday there was a research in that archive – and then it got heavy with the mix from Slam (Soma) where they played at Sub Club in Glasgow December 2010! One feeling of dejavu of that mix lead to an overload farther than expected because my music taste have certainly been developing into better terrain. It feels like it have sat the tone for what all other choices and paths that have been made in how music have healed my soul.

From that time to now Slam have definitively changed – into being more tight. They have been a partnering duo since 1988 – and from being a well hidden tresarure of Glasgows clubbing scene to be entering as headliners at Rex Club, Fabric and many more. I love that they are going into various parts of techno spectrum – and are not in to make it to hard. It satisfies a person that likes many variations of styles within one mix – and it keeps me interested. If you feel the same? I encouraging you to follow them!



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