Music industry: No way! Norway!

Music bloggers are an extremely rare “race” in Norway – and when applying for accreditation for a festival that concerns music then I start thinking: is not it a bit rude to not be included to get the accreditation? Anyone who knows me through the music has seen the burning commitment I have just for the music. It’s my life! This here does not make sense – when the musician who may not make money on their music need the press – whether it is eminent or not that eminent on the coverage. This topic right here I spoke with a Danish under a course hosted by The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music that he does also looks upon the tendencies in Denmark – that no one writes about music anymore. Especially when magazines going in to write less about the music. They all have thrown their pencils into become more of a fashion magazine with a music section. Yes I know that I was a fashion blogger over a few years and I liked what I did, but something happened during these years. I started to work with clothes in a field that craves balance. Too much, and everything can go wrong in how to be sincere and lose interest. No now I must stop – and think ultimately No way! Norway! This here is too cowardly! Who thinks out side the box now a days? 

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