To dance it feels like disappearing into nothing to be reborn new again while in the moment get the therapy for the soul. This is how the new DANCE MUSIC THERAPY EP from Trulz & Robin (Cymasonic/Cymawax) feels like based upon the statements in this video. 


On the other contrary “DANCE MUSIC THERAPY” have nevertheless been on repeat on the digital track source Beatport because there is no copy on the table to go on. So we will not disappear all the way through! So with the video statements at hand – and the thought is going towards head:

In the beginning there was soil and the soil made a reaction to the next thing – and then it emerged into being elevated into being a full grown person. A move started to blossom out of that person into moods, various rhythms and grooves. It became a therapeutic travel from soil to a fully grown tree that shared love.

When this thought is placed into our head and with all of those that vouches for this vinyl it will be a great tribute to our record collection.

TOP DJ SUPPORT / FEEDBACK: Brendon Moeller (Cielo/Berghain) Rating: 4/5 Ace originals! Well done lads! Laurent Garnier (F Communications) Rating: 4/5 Great EP – Will hammer ØYESTIKKER’N everywhere. Saulty (Downtown Party Network/Eskimo/Compost/Get Physical/Noir) Rating: 4/5 Like the Usmev remix of the ‘Adventure’. Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance Records) Rating: 4/5 Cool E.P but the one working for me most is ‘Øyestikker’n’ Rune Lindbæk (Drum Island/Luna Flicks) Rating: 5/5 Looove it! Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ records) Rating: 4/5 I love the sound of the hang on adventure. Great release. Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings/Balance Alliance) Rating: 5/5 Really enjoying all shades of house on this one. Even the intro track is fantastic. Well done!! Nick Warren (Hope Recordings/Way Out West/Renaissance) Rating: 5/5 Wonderful ep. Full support. Daniel Bortz (Suol/Pastamusik) Rating: 5/5 Nice ep. Ivaylo (Bogota Records) Rating: 5/5 Blue Grass, Green Sky is amazing! Full support! Danny Ward (Moodymanc/Dubble D/2020:Vision) Rating: 4/5 Lovely sounds. Al Bradley (3am Recordings/Fabric/Paper) Rating: 5/5 Gorgeous stuff right through this EP – the Usmev remix of Adventure is really superb, as is Blue Grass, Green Sky – this EP really does shine though, top class. Fabrice Lig (Motech/Fine Art/R&S/Versatile) Rating: 4/5 Always like that kind of tracks like Øyestikker’n ! Will play it for sure.

One can clearly state that this is the strongest productions of all time from Trulz & Robin. It will sell to the ones that are sort of in balance with themselves, simplistic with the quirky twist and the ones that likes music with a “certain” commercial feel persons. So let us all save up money so we can cue up in front of the record dealer to get our DANCE MUSIC THERAPY!


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