Outburst of today: Mondegreen by Arms Akimbo.

From the start to its finish I dug hard in to not misinterpret the new mix from Arms Akimbo. I got confused the day after – I could not listen to music the whole day (a whole day). I thought to my self that is nonsense – I need music to divert all the thoughts coming into my head that can do something with the mood. In the beginning I started to listen to house music – but I couldn’t go into the jack! I was deep in the chapter jazz which I sped fast over because I couldn’t find an artist, so it got quickly towards hip hop which is a rare genre going into my ears go fast. From my thoughts right now I believe that the mix made me misinterpret my mood – and it has done its trick to get me off track for a while. Because all genres is in the house for me right now – and that imprint is what I need right now. It lead to me discovering a feeling that I haven’t had in a while. It seems to grow on my brain like a bliss. Hope I got it right? 

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