Rest in Peace – mother of House Dance, Marjory Smarth!

This is not about a house DJ or producer but about a dancer – and a dancer is the most important preacher tool! Today there was a loss within the urban dance community and here is my reaction: I am sitting here in Norway and reads that my sister Marjory Smarth is dead from cancer! It feels like a stone dropped from 500 meters in my heart! She was and still the infamous mother of House Dance – without her there would not be no strong females in this urban dance community! Her spirit was in fact so infectious, pure and eternal beautiful! I still remember the first meeting in Stockholm at the annual event Street Star she told me during that meeting keep dancing free – and gave me a spoon and that spoon got a grip on digging me upwards. When I found out that she was in Paris couple of months later my heart got uplifted – and during that stay in Paris there was a fashion show that were my first encounter with the fashion industry that I today work in and she said to me; you are a fashionista! I am still that person today – even so I am changed in the way to live like one! It took years after the Paris stay that we met again – and our meeting was at Soul Session Oslo Extended edition – my heart lifted so much because I felt a feeling that had slightly gone away. In that time I was truly undergoing a grave depression – and just the appearance gave me inspiration to dig my self out of the hole. Last year I just went all in to visit New York – one trip that felt overwhelmingly grand because that has been the largest goal ever for me. On that trip I sought out her, she changed couple appointments which is totally hard to do in a city where there are so many citizens. Under my stay it got really hard with the amount of money I had in my pockets – and Marjory Smarth were kind enough to pay for my dinner. It was a grand gesture – because when constantly undergoing treatments in a country there the medical standards are kind of different like in Norway. Under that dinner we were having a conversation about spirit of the souls – and she taught me the most true lesson during that dinner:


Also she have always commented on this fact that my eyes are pure. I am pure because she always knew who I was. One other thing she told me that I was only in for getting to know Marjory Smarth.



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