Outburst of today: Rip Johnsen “2 dirty 4U” vol II.

There is nothing like it when the ear is tuned in on one mix producer, because there is too many out there! It is making it easier sometimes for a music nerd to be having less to choose from – and especially when the next catch is better than the last. It seems to land me in a greater state of mind for once! Especially not a state of mind like feeling trapped on a airport where there is too many gates, but a private jet where the airplane is filled to the brim with artefacts such as beach basket and off to a place there you get that vibe of getting the mojo going. Something that everyone deserves after everything have been 2 dirty 4U! It also sets you off to a venue with a roof fired up with a massive armed army of disco balls. That army beams you on a ride – it also gives strength to be one with who you are in the innermost true nature. It also sets you free from all that is in the moment to give up from. It gives a ending and the balance in the forces of your own nature laws of what should be rough and what should be soft.

The mix to give you exactly the treatment above:

The track list that will give you more knowledge of what the mix producer thinks and want to give you:

1. Markus Winter – Alright (Original Mix) 2. Harry Romero, Doorly – The Truth (Original Mix) 3. Pig & Dan – Mooshi (Original Mix) 4. ReDJesh – My Love (Kevin G Remix) [Drum Pressure Mix) 5. Luca Doobie – Wild Child (Original Mix) 6. Filthy Rich – Rendezvous (Nathan Barato Remix) 7. Tumalon – 1982 (Original Mix) 8. Mario Ochoa – Leprechaun (Anthony Attalla Remix) 9. Mark Jackus & Marcus Sur feat. Golden Parazyth -In The Night (Tiger Stripes Remix) 10. Lissat & Voltaxx vs Block & Crown – Dangerous Society (Original Mix) 11. ATFC, The Cube Guys – Work (Original Club Mix) 12. Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle – Wonderland (Sax Mix) 13. Dj Victor Montero, Rottom – People Language (Original Mix) 14. Sonate – Magogy (Original Mix) 15. Jay Lumen & Max Demand – Say What 16. Heaven Grooves – Insane (The Bass Mix) 17. Dosem – Loft Dancers (Original Mix) 18. Quivver – Sugar (Original Club Mix)

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