Outburst of today: Rip Johnsen «2 dirty 4U».

To be curling on an ocean wave are just the same as to be curling on the rhythm of the music – and we all like to be on a good wave! In this case to be curling on the music is an obvious no brainer to go for just for the want of getting our state of mind jacked up! Only if the need of getting that dirty oppressed state of mind jacked up! This new mix from Rip Johnsen entitled «2 dirty 4U» does exactly that to the point. Also what this massive mix shows how house music should be interpreted as: Dirty – and not clean what current productions shows all over!

«2 dirty 4U» shows a little bit on the slower side from what Rip Johnsen have formerly produced. It sure have gone funky – and it definitely shows that «God made him funky, and you are glad that he blessed him that way» and also that the «Naughty North – Sexy south» section has placed him on the right path again! So let this be the new revival reign for him!

Track list for your own good – and worth checking out! 1. Audiojack – Jacobs Ladder (Original Mix) 2. O.C & Verde – Fugazi (Hauswerks Remix) 3. John Moss, Juliet Fox – Realize (Original Mix) 4. Demarzo – Look At Me (Original Mix) 5. Don Ruijgrok – Time Again (Original Mix) 6. Armando Junior – God Has Left Detroit (Original Mix) 7. Ed Ed – I Got (Something You Need) (Oliver S Remix) 8. Mason – Gotta Have You Back Feat. Rouge Mary (Beni) 9. Matt Fear – Venom (Original Mix) 10. Dale Howard – Razor (Original Mix) 11. TheDuo – That Girl (Original Mix) 12. Bambook, Cari Golden, Mennie – Slip Away (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)


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