Outburst of today: Rip Johnsen.

If you have been a steady follower of HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA you may have caught attention what was written in the TOP DJS 2014. In this post I stated that I was going to go further with a man with the name Rip Johnsen – and I am a solid keeper of my words!What I do not really get is this when being plastered to the speaker listening to his mixes:

Why do not Rip Johnsen get booked? When his craft goes back goes back to an early stage there House music was introduced to the Norwegians. He had in that time his first residency at Grunerloekka youth club, hosted parties along with the original gangsters G – HA and Olle Abstract. Ever since then he escalated so much in his skills that he rode along with the world reknowned John Digweed on the tour Arctic Dance Gathering in Norway in 1997. In my opinion with his history he must be sought out to be a good host for a party in the best club in the world or a festival? What do you think?

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