TOP DJS 2014!


Robag Wruhme – Output (Brooklyn, New York)


Motor City Drum Esemble

Nick Curly

John Morales

Louie Vega — Cielo (New York).

Joey Negro

Masaru K-Katsu Kuroishi (JP)

Joey Anderson



John Talabot

Robert Hood


Delano Smith

Daniel Bortz

Marcel Dettmann

Seth Troxler

Juan Atkins


DJ R – ZO (FR)




Olle Abstract

Uno Mas

Vinny Villbass

De Fantastiske To

Robert Solheim

Arms Akimbo

Geir G- HA & Olanskii

Øyvind Morken

Robin Crafoord


Dalminjo & Diskole


DJ Strangefruit

Timo Baetzel


Daniel Vaz


Rude Lead


Dark Marc


Rip Johnsen

As you see there need a mash up on certain things! Places, genres and concepts! In 2014 there has been so many things going on in the clubbing scene – such a new sound breeding concept and new given horizons seized for the hard working DJ here in Norway. What was the concept that was the breed giver is the LYD (mark: Sound) hosted by a man that needs no introduction within the Norwegian clubbing scene – Olle Abstract! What caused a massive wave of record deal contracts, gave DJ’s new destinations and more promotion. Me personally I honor this concept because it brings everybody to the table to get them selves out there what lacked in the Norwegian music scene. It also gave a final statement to the established that there is a better sound going on in the underground resistance.

Who was been more on the radar for me personal this year was Uno Mas (Aquavit Records), Vinny Villbass (Eskimo Recordings), De Fantastiske To (Paper Recordings), Robert Solheim (Aquavit Records) and Arms Akimbo (GOYO Records).  Their sets, few of their live performances and mixes has an outreach that goes beyond the Norwegian boarder. Also Rip Johnsen – more will come to that man in a few days.

In the foreign terrain lays the night at OUTPUT (NYC) with Robag Wruhme as the head liner the best because he delivered a set that was out of the blue amazing – and this night was not planned. He also delivered a set that drove away peoples from the barmen. He also delivered a set there no one cared about nothing but themselves and not about talking – only cared about the music. He was the man of the hour sort of speak and he gave me a memory for a lifetime. No one that has been booked to the Norwegian terrain has given me that sort of pleasure. If there was a man close to that I would say Efdemin – only because he gave me something on that day and lasted for days, even months.

My personal journey has been going farther than the eye can see, I have traveled to the inherited capitol of House, New York. What was the first and foremost my first travel on such quest and it was astonishing to encounter because of my economy standard. So when I was over there I sought out the history and knowledge of the roots in this music with goals such as to see the movement and meet the persons. That means the ones that grew up in the house clubs back in the 80’s.

From earlier years I have been more focused on house, techno and disco if you can recall my earlier lists. Here is the previous years winners: Danny Krivit (2013) and Ben Klock (2012). The 2014 year list speaks for it self and it is a declaration of the present that the time is changing – and the years passes. In this year I have also included funk/boogie DJ’s. To level it all up I will introduce the natural cause if something is down it must go up to the sister: HIPHOP IS LIKE LUNA! The project will be launched on a different site soon and that means a final good bye to

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