Outburst of today: DJ SPEN!

Today I am kind of “angry” today because I did go out yesterday to Jaeger there DJ SPEN coming out from Baltimore, U.S.A played yet again. He is one of my ultimate favorites that landed on second in my TOP DJS 2013 vote off. I regret that I am very loyal to my day job sometimes but air do not pay the bills, and on the other hand it feels like I could be less loyal to it. What more lies behind my regrets is that he is the only one that I get notifications from on facebook among approximately 700 clicked LIKES of DJS and producers pages. His music have also terrorized my ears almost daily as well from the first and my only time I experienced him live. I wished this article could exist with more substance and facts, but toady I can not because I am too regretful.


Dj Spen-QUANTIZE QUINTESSENTIAL MIX Live @ Amate_Raxi-Tokyo_06242014 by Djspen on Mixcloud


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