Outburst of yesterday: Efdenim.

I am not going to write about Efdenim (dial records, na iif, curle)! One man that created an outburst with no warnings in before hand of hot lava smearing down the mountain walls yesterday for an entire day. Nah just kidding there because when you go in on the topic you never want to go off it! With that said I am now presenting a ground breaking news flash to you that he climbed the ladder and ripped the throne from Ben Klock (Ostgut Ton, Klockworks), who won the TOP 20 DJS 2012. What I can kick in with this explanation: he is more fragmented and more balanced in his mixing for some reason or it might be that he delivers a sound that is more me. Why I have made a sudden change of the throne is because that he delivered a massive set at the classic concept Sunkissed. That made me forget my issues and more. He was so incredibly and he made having severe sunburned skinn. I really liked that takes a more soulfull approach towards in his interpretation of techno. What more he delivered a set built for the stars. So let us see that he gets gazillion more LIKES…

If you might have caught up on is this: I will never publish a single photo at all, only present the night with a well thought of mix that resembles the night. What this mix does sort of. With this announcement I can say that something has changed in my music appreciation of this rare post on a sunday after Sunkissed, so may the rare stuff flow a little bit more. And on the last: changes are good!

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