A New York state of mind.

For most of this year I have been deep into a New York state of mind, what I have felt being soothingly explanatory because I finally fulfilled my long wanted dream of going there. In my early stage of planning my trip I got over the man, the myth and the godfather of house music; Danny Krivit! Danny Krivit is the creator of many projects and clubs such as the legendary Studio 54, and the lesser known Body and Soul. What more about that man is that he have worked with James Brown and this is all that I want you to know. Only because I want you to go in to the house of Danny Krivit for your self.

Over to my New York trip again! And since I am in a small beginning of collecting vinyls, I thought to my self when travel to the Great Apple I have to go on a vinyl shopping spree. In the relation of these thoughts what more better is to ask Danny Krivit himself. That landed me with greatness in these stores; Turntable Lab, A-1 Records and Academy – I felt being in the 7th heaven. So with that said let this mix, because lets us be frank: actions speaks louder than words on the Danny Krivit dance floor…

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