Outburst of today: A hot chillout session

As the hot weather screams, my body and mind also screams it: take it chill rounded up with the lax feel. It has proven that way today, and today I am presenting a mix that screams this all the way. That mix has been made by cgrbym (Turkey) – a man who are pretty unknown for us all and worth keep checking up on if he produces more good grooves. What I can see in his mix is a lot and what I can see is that he plays around with the soulful house and the funky house genres, and exactly what I trying to find tracks of now a days. So one search in SoundCloud made the trick of finding more goodies. What more I can drag out is this: where did that Cafe Del Mar sound go away? But as for everything it may appear again because we all will go bored sometimes of listening to that old thing over and over again. What I reckon will happen with the deep house. So let us get more relaxed. Are you tired of reading this? Fine by me because I am tired of writing this hot chillout session… 😉 

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