Outburst of today: Ramon Tapia.

Today, tomorrow and for some time I have followed Ramon Tapia (AY WHAT? / AELLA MUSIC / SOMA / 100% PURE / REMOTE AREA / SNATCH!), a man that his upgrowth in Antwerp, Belgium. Why he caught my attention is because of his hilariously funny facebook page, and my bad because it is supposedly to be all about the music. On the topic of Antwerp, a city that is more or less known to be a fashion capitol. And that may not seem strange because that city have the home for some great designers such as Haider Ackermann and Bruno Pieters. A mix of that combined has certainly paid off for that city because they all have put that city on the map for good.
So my bad agian, I am not focusing on the right material here! So over to what I see in his music is a lot, what he is using in his mixes/tracks is a minimalistic touch that gives a person with inner asteroid battles a better mood for the ones that may not have a great day. So I hope this is helping you out tomorrow!

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