First of all I will say what the criteria´s is behind my list is all about the mighty “house is a feeling” and not so much the “I know all the tracks”. What I am saying we are all lost in sounds, and we do not care when being lost. Also who plays from the heart and not from the mind, because when you are playing form the heart you see the vibes and what kind of atmosphere it is in the room. Those are some criteria´s behind HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA now becoming annual TOP DJ´S 2014. What more I will put in is this: music is just my natural pain killer… So with that said I am barking on with the section of:


1. Motor City Drum Ensemble (inverse cinematics/pulver records): it was a rare treat for me that I got the feeling of being back at Output instead of Jaeger Oslo. In the explanation in this: everybody started to behave like there was no friends to talk to and started to be in the journey of the magnificent sounds. It was like the sentence that: I am doing this for my own heart and soul. It was and I say these words to you know: it was like being on a Paris is burning journey in the actual New York.

2. Detroit Swindle (Heist recordings, Dirt Crew recordings, Freerange records, Tsuba, Murmur, Saints & Sonnets): It was one of the most wicked nights ever seen in the underground house scene here in Oslo. A man in dress, two men ganging up a girl, spiritual being hitting up persons that weren´t interested. To make it short it was like being in the New York underground back in the 80´s and that makes me wonder. Is Detroit Swindle huge fans of Danny Krivit? A thought and a statement that I am not complaining about to have made because Detroit Swindle have got almost the same track list as Danny Krivit. On the actual feeling it was one of the most obscurely low key night ever and it stated that you never should go away from the frisco or New York D.I.S.C.O!

3. Hunee (Future Times / Retreat / Rush Hour / W.T): Oh man! One man that I need to know more about and a man that is at steady hands on the wheels of steels. What I am hash tagging: not so disastrous of me when having the trouble of choosing the right night that I cannot complain about. SPACESHIP to the SPACE DISCO = I.N.F.I.N.I.T.Y!

4. RAMPA & RE:YOU aka RAR Live (Keinemusik/ Cocoon/ De) – was about the break out and all about the clean feel. Why they landed on this place was just the fact that the mix that I have been listening to have caused more disturbance than the live feel. Only because I got bored after 20 – 35 minuets of their set. I haven´t gotten tired of the mix, but I am all in for second chances.

5. John Talabot: A man that seems to have gone through my lists more than anyone else which is a good sign for me. We will not get bored, so I have kept him in this year list. With that said I am following him more or less close. And from the first time of listen to know I have heard him been going from “hard” to a “soft” sound.

Been voted out of the list, but can return in the final: – Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut ton). – Funk Freaks (FUNK FREAKS RECORDS). – Rødhåd (Dystopian). – Max Graef (magnet-musik).

Next list will be launched: 01/09 2014. Psst: It might be launched in a different feel…


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