HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA – Revisions and visions.

Hey there fellas! I have now thought about this everlasting fire of mine, the music passion! What I thought about is get this project out and about again. Only because I have lived, slept and kept my self out of the official life in Oslo over the latest years – only in the clubs. What more is on the paper is that I have really a voice in this world – it has become more and more clearly. Especially when I hear everybody say that I have a extremely good taste in music. Well I did not step into this out of spite, only in delight! In the revision part I will say that this build haven’t had the flair that it should have gotten. I have been to quirky! What kind of vision I will put in this is that I will show peoples that I know this music, with a broader researched journalistic storyline. I will also try to collaborate with photographers and clubs. I will also do a five on it story, interviews with DJs & producers and show what heads is in this world. To make it clear for you: a place for promoting music and impressions. So let the LAVA drip down the volcano again… Starting with HOT NATURED!

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