I thought today in this post to write about a DJ that changed how I see music. That DJ is DJ Spen, a DJ coming out from there it all started USA. His home is located in Baltimore. What I can see and listen in his way of mixing. How? He has built his mixing to be soulful and tender at the same time, like being down into the epicenter of this planet. There the LAVA is existing! What else is that he gives everyone a good time when being inside of his house. Why is because he will always uplift spirits and lift them to that level to be one with god. What is the ultimate key behind this music is to be one with god. Because a DJ like him and all other DJ’s have a urge to make everyone good. What else is behind this music and his way is that is he will always uplift spirits. Like he did with me, he transported me back to there I have always been. In music!

What I hope you get after to have plugged into this music. Uplifted!


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