Welcome to the house (again)!

First of all I am sorry that this blog has not been updated in a good while,but my mind and my concentration has been occupied with a totally different mind set. Which has been up and really down, and to get my self out of that I returned back to my record collection. What has been the healthiest choice ever!

Where my heart and my soul has been is in the last couple of months is inside the house of Kerri Chandler, and that house has been a mad hard job to get out of (and still is)!

Kerri Chandler is a legend, a myth and the most comfiest house ever. He has that cool grounded flair, and let’s nothing come in the way for what he is feeling in the most sapphire like way. Hands down!

On this day I have listened to this super mix, and to be frank this techno/house mix has the diamond in the rock statement written all over. Why? Because when TIJO AIMÊ manages to be square in techno, rooted on the couch in the house and still has the soul on earth contact. It is no wonder that this a mix that will have heavy rotation over the following weeks to come – just to get below the surface in what he feels and thinks. What does he think?

So I hope you are enjoying the 2 for 1 offer – I hope! Whilst you are there, keep going on and on!

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