Sickest mix of 2012!

Edit this is not a post of 2012, but from the year after. His mix right now is aligned with the sickest mix of 2012. 

What a mix, what a mix!

Is what I can say about this gold mine like mix. Because who can turn a person out of the bed quicker than you can turn your alarm clocks like Patrick Podage.

That has released tracks on:

– Noir Music – Flash Records – Sirion Records – Circle Music Germany – Hed Kandi / Ministry of Sound – Colours Audio UK (A&R) – Be Free Recordings – Something Different Records – Stimulated Soul Recordings – City West Records – Soundthugz – Neh Owh Digital – Savoir Faire Musique – Unrivaled Music – Union Jack Records

A man who I think is a strong horse who will do it definitively better for the next year. Why?

Because his house represents these thoughts:

Earth minded. Modesty. Futuristic. Forward thinking. Edgy.

What my house would look like!

What I see is that he will roll him self into the long list of the globetrotting renowned DJs such as: Maceo Plex, Miguel Campbell, Hot Natured, Hot since 82, Beniot and Sergio. Why because if you have been listening through some of these artists tracks. You will understand where he finds his sound images from – the future.

From 2012 to now I will say there has been growing a new House section – future house, not future funk. Future house!

What more this mix shows, it is showing. He has gotten his knowledge about the funk, soul and jazz history.

So I am leaving it right there with these lines right here:

– Feel the FOOTFOOD in this one!

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