What we all want now is to hit the beach and stay there for a while, and to sit there and get the new enegry back!

This is what this house is doing, giving the energy of the sun. It is sinking deeply in, and stays there for a while.

What I can say about Bagerziev; That he has got it right when it comes down this fact, about how to worship the sun, he want it all to be easy.

We in the countries right now wants everything to be easy, like a summer breeze.

About the house of Bagerziev; it is funky and deep, and it is the classic example of the deep house. Sort of like the Ibiza sound, only more on the dreamy note. Bagerziev is so classical, that it is making scream aloud!

Are inspired to scream a loud when going down to this on the dance floor?

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