Ben Klock.

What Ben Klock from Berlin means for me is a lot, and to write up about a guy that totally changed my views on music like forever is difficult. What Ben Klock represents is a lot, he represents the Berlin atmosphere. What more he represents is the Berlin techno scene, and at its best. Ben Klock is a DJ and producer that has been released tracks and mix’es at; BPitch Control, Ostgut Ton.

Ostgut Ton is also a world reknowned club as well.
That club is: Berghain/Panorama Bar.

Ostgut Ton has a long list of artists that has been mentioned in magazines such as;
Rolling Stones Magazine, DJMag and Mixmag and Fact Magazine like the mix posted in this post comes from.

What Ben Klock mind reflects in his tracks and mix’es is: time.
What we all can reflect on, what is time.
He uses a lot of time changes that is making everyone tick of.
Because who can tick of sounds more than everyone like him.
He has also captured the essence of us all out being transported into a new horizon,
there everything is standing still. Like the stratosphere!
So if you like the stratosphere,
well you will definitevely get there
when listening to Ben Klock!

What more I can say about Ben Klock on my account is this:
he was the one that stopped the time when everything went to fast,
he was the one that truely opened my eyes to a new beginning in my life,
he was the one that saved my life before I ever got to listen to him.
He has the pure love for what he do,
so do I.

So with all of this,
are you still wanting to go far beyond your own existance?

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