Patrick Podage.

Edit: the mix have been deleted by the artist.

Well I have now landed in Berne, Switzerland, been driving for some hours from the airport. For some reason I just landed in the lane of Patrick Podage. He has has given out these tracks on these record labels: – Flash Records – Noir Music – Sirion Records – Circle Music Germany – Hed Kandi / Ministry of Sound – Colours Audio UK (A&R) – Be Free Recordings – Something Different Records – Stimulated Soul Recordings – City West Records – Soundthugz – Neh Owh Digital – Savoir Faire Musique – Unrivaled Music – Union Jack Records

And to be frank it is one of those houses that is in a lot of colors. He is so deep down funky and futuristic to the core of being galactic. What more about this house it is in the funkis style houses, that is kind of in the bauhaus famiily. Which is dropping a little trail of that he has German influences, maybe dropping the city Berlin.

What this house do with my heart, he puts it to the sky. Like the top on the mountains in Switzerland, and that is good because his house is so relaxing. This is giving me the right energy in these cold days we are now in. It is sort of giving the sun back into the life. May this give your energy back!


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