If there is a House that I really want to be in right now is the House of TrockenSaft, because his music and mixes makes the summer that has been so much more longer (oh the mighty summer). He really brings in the funky vibes in, and that is what a summer is really about. Getting down on the beach, getting that beer popped and have the time of the life. It is all about being funky!

What this mix brings in is the low tech and the flavor deep with in the city that is Minsk, Russia.
He really brings in the feel of being in a futuristic space like state of mind,
what Javier Medina from Spain and Hiroyki Arakawa from Japan,
they happens to be some really dope DJ’s.
That I been in contact with,
and with this puts this house in the mansion style.
You just have read it for your self when visiting TrockenSaft bookshelf.
That means the soundcloud page,
go now before the snow takes us down!


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