Music for love.



When we are visiting his house, we are embraced by the deep house, nu soul and with a clear definition of DISCO that is the early edition of house music.

All of the mixes has the perfect mixture of,  and when he has managed to mix it that good.

It is no brainier why this mix will fit into his clubnight  STELLAR DISCO.

Because DISCO is as I said the early edition of house!

This night is rolling out on occasions  in FISK & VILT,

that is one of the most important clubs of Oslo nightlife, there hWah is the one of the resident DJs!

In this time around we have turned one year in what happened 22/07 2011, the tragic massacre.

What I know and think hWah has been inspired by, and this is a total expression of that we do not need a massive bomb or gun,

but only good music that will give what we all need that is LOVE.

So this house has been made for the love of Norway and the capitol Oslo.

So feel the love!

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