A night in Dorsten, Germany.

On Facebook this was posted on my wall by this very talented DJ. When I am listening through this mix I can remember this crazy party strike you can read it these ones, the first one and the second two  posts on the fashionists. Well this is the for the first time that there is so long text on this blog with the suitable name house is like lava because house music is hot music, but with good reason. Because when you have been up close with one person such as the person behind this blog is doing the text will automaticly become longer. About this guy he is a very generous guy, he is a radical cool guy that really includes everybody and one heck of a crazy party person.

About what the mix;

The mix is very cool, it wanderes in to the field of mixing house (deep, tech) and techno, a mix that I merrily dig. For I love the genres equally, and this is suited for the country that this has been played in, Germany. One of the most important countries now a days when it comes down to exporting music, just think about Berlin. One city that has the same importance as Paris, Detroit (techno), Chigago and New York (the House cities).

So enjoy this mix, because music says more words than one post do.

This is what music is, and this is what this blog will do to you!


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