#LavaOfTheWeek – Understanding series vol II: Structures.

Earlier this year there were an Understanding Series in progress. It is time to draw up the second one of the year! Oh yes! This time we are going over to the classical music section because it needs to be explained. On the other hand why not because it is connected to the House and [...]


Midweek: Jawn Rice.

Here is the only Itinerary for the weekend! An itinerary that are centered around the only stop that are at Kulturhuset this following Saturday. There the headliner Jawn Rice is in focus! Jawn Rice are an affiliate member of the Mutual Intentions clique. Jawn Rice is without understatement holds one of the strongest production of [...]

Track of today: Kym Mazelle – Young Hearts Run Free.

Well the other day I watched Titanic - a movie that have been watched so many times on repeat to that extent of having the script memorized. Just because of the fact that on the time of release there was a severe teenage crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. A crush to that extent of having all [...]

Mixology Sessions: Hiroyuki Arakawa live set @ ever (Aoyama Tokyo).

For some reason the old vault of collected mixes have been taken out. It seems to go through some sort of renewal - and it is truly great to experience them once again. The memories that flies in also sets its peak towards where the next sought out destination goal will be, Japan! That destination [...]

Midweek: Mood II Swing (Strictly Rhythm, US)

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No but we are nearly there to camp down at a reckoned to be a stacked dance floor. There is no wonder about that assumption when Mood II Swing (Strictly Rhythm, US) are in town to play at Oslo Camping this following Saturday. We are indeed in [...]