Two for one.

In this post I am willingly to give you a two for one deal,
Because they are friends,
and when two become friends they stay united in a fairy pair.
What Robert Babicz and Marc Romboy is!

What I see in the house of Robert Babicz is a lot of soft and airy sounds.
Which means that he has gotten his inspiration of acid and air.
What I see clearly!

In Marc Romboy I am seeing the same only little bit deep and dark.
Where he has gotten his inspiration is from space,
future and the atmosphere.
What I mean about atmosphere is that somewhere in the above you will always find the acid looking skies.
So with this in mind it looks that they have captured my both sides in what I like,
rough and soft (and kind of on the acid side now a days).
What can be very hard sometimes!




One the end,
would it be great to see them back to back?

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