Outburst of today: DJ SPEN!

Today I am kind of “angry” today because I did go out yesterday to Jaeger there DJ SPEN coming out from Baltimore, U.S.A played yet again. He is one of my ultimate favorites that landed on second in my TOP DJS 2013 vote off. I regret that I am very loyal to my day job […]

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Presenting: HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA label.

The HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA label is all about clubbing nights, that high resident advisor ranked DJ and about that music that you produce. If you feel that this package is full frontal and you deliver what I can say are HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA – you will get that promotion! What I can see […]

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The person behind the concept of HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA is the writer with the extreme love for the electronical music, Cathrine Deaton Heiboe. Hooked on good music in that way that the alarm clocks have been chucked out the window. Waking up with music within House, Techno and all other kinds of electronic music. All the rest does is the hurl effect, ha-ha.

What Cathrine Deaton Heiboe likes is to promote and deliver good music. So if you have something that needs to be put out there why not drop a comment anywhere you feel ike it. So that you can have the pleasure to brag about that you got blogged at

//HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA - facebook - twitter - instagram.

CV: PR for DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL in Pula, Croatia with the sickest talked about line up in DJMAG and MIXMAG.


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