I thought today in this post to write about a DJ that changed how I see music. That DJ is DJ Spen, a DJ coming out from there it all started USA. His home is located in Baltimore. What I can see and listen in his way of mixing. How? He has built his mixing […]

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Intensive October.

First of all in the beginning I have in just five intensive days gotten myself some DJ equipment! My house has always gotten that very extremely slow build, but October has obviously been my month. What more I do not know why it has taken so long, but hey Rome was not built in one […]

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One person with the extreme love for electronically music. Shares and sometimes writes about it in a quirky way at HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA - what explains what this is!

The person behind the concept of HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA is DJ Crushlush. Hooked on good music in that way that the alarm clocks have been chucked out the window. Waking up with music within House, Techno and all other kinds of electronic music such as deep house, techno, future funk. What the rest does is the hurl effect, ha-ha.

So HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA can be listening your mix right now, who knows?

//HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA can you all follow on Facebook. CV: PR for DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL in Pula, Croatia with the sickest talked about line up in DJMAG and MIXMAG.



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